About Us


Who is Janie?

Janie’s roots in the promotional products industry go back to…Roots.

She was one of the first account managers at Roots Canada, servicing their very first wholesale corporate, group, and film industry accounts. It was the blossoming of that branch of the iconic Canadian brand that sprouted into their Business to Business Division in the ‘90s. As part of that growing team, Janie serviced Olympic Accounts, corporate accounts and crew gifts for movie wraps. She consulted and provided product for employee incentive programs in industries, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, media, food, and insurance.

In 2006, she sought the capability of offering clients a broader variety of lines, sources and price points. Janie Bale Promotions was born. Janie continued marketing and sourcing products for crew gifts in the film industry, but her repertoire grew to holiday and incentive gifts for law firms, golf programs, media outlet launches, and tradeshow giveaways. She has handled reward programs in the cosmetics industry, insurance, and equipment leasing businesses, as well as a restoration service and college bookstore.

Special T Swag is a continuation of that tradition, but on a grander scale with the ability to source greater variety and diversity of product, at better prices, and to offer more creativity of innovative solutions that put her clients’ brands on the map.